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Thứ Năm, 10/6/2021

Hospitality, Events and Tourism Lecturer

Institution: Hospitality and Tourism Institute (HTi) – Duy Tan University

Location: Da Nang

Category: Faculty - Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Food Science

Posted: 05/25/2021

Type: Full Time

Requisition ID: 2021-0525

Salary for Announcement

The final salary is based on the number of credit hours assigned at a rate determined by University policy.

Type: Full time Faculty

Position Summary

Lecturers of Hospitality, Restaurant or Tourism, and Events Management

Qualified applicants need July, 2022.

HTi is an equal opportunity employer.


Teaching: Subject areas may include, but are not limited to, Hospitality, Restaurant or Tourism, and Events Management. Candidates will work and interact with diverse groups of individuals, demonstrate abilities to effectively infuse technology into course work, be available for consultation with students.

A faculty member's duties include meeting assigned classes or delivering online content consistent with University, School, and Department policies; providing instruction in assigned classes consistent with the content and learning objectives of the regular course syllabus and, if appropriate, with Department course coordination policies; being available, either face to face or electronically, to students in assigned classes to provide additional support as needed and appropriate for the teaching assignment; and complying with University-wide student evaluation of instruction policies and peer observation policies.

Candidates need to be sensitive to the educational needs of students from a diverse population, conduct student assessments as prescribed by the curriculum, and be willing to adhere to policies and procedures regarding students and faculty as established by the University and Department. The University is particularly interested in applicants who have experience working with students from diverse backgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to improving access to higher education for under-represented groups (disabilities, ethnic group, etc).

Required Qualifications

Minimum credentials for professional qualifications include:

1. Completion of a Master's degree in the field in which the faculty member is assigned to teach. OR Ph.D. degree in Hospitality or mentioned related disciplines.

2. Professional experience that is current at the time of hire has been substantial in terms of duration and level of responsibility and clearly links to the field in which the faculty member is expected to teach. Typically, this experience is no less than two consecutive years with increasing levels of responsibility, with significant levels of supervisory experience.

3. For Master's degrees, qualified candidates will be trained to be faculties in 1 year.

4. For Ph.D. candidates with the mentioned related disciplines will be arranged to teach after finishing the recruitment process.

Preferred Qualifications

International or Nationally recognized certificates and licenses relevant to the field in which the faculty member is assigned to teach

Closing Instructions
Open Until Filled

Special Instructions to Applicants

IMPORTANT: In order to be considered an applicant, candidates must submit copies of transcripts to:

HTi, Email: contact@dtu-hti.edu.vn

Applicants should submit the following materials in order to be considered: 1) Cover Letter; 2) Copies of Transcripts; and 3) a list of three professional references with contact information: (Professional References or request Letters of Reference). Whenever possible, please attach and send to the email above.


Applicants could be Vietnamese or foreigners with English proficiency



HTi is pleased to offer current and potential employees a wide array of benefit options during negotiations.  

University Highlights

For nearly 26 years, thanks to its great efforts, Duy Tan University has made steady progress in education and training. The University has enrolled 3,200 students in 6 Postgraduate and 23 Graduate courses, 85,000 in 70 Undergraduate & Associate Bachelor's Degree programs.


Duy Tan University offers a wide range of academic programs, including Information Technology, Business Management, Foreign Languages, Tourism, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Pharmacology, Literature and Journalism, International Relations, Cultural Tourism and Economic Law. Through its 16 graduate courses, Duy Tan University has fueled the local labor market with a total of 45,000 graduates and post-graduates so far. Over 89% of graduates find jobs within six months of graduation. This rate is even higher, at 100%, for Duy Tan University Software Technology graduates.


In addition, with the slogan: "Partnering with Giants", Duy Tan University has expanded partnerships with many well-known universities around the world. These include Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the top four American universities in IT; Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the top fifty universities in Business Management and Hospitality and Tourism; and California State University, CSU Fullerton and Cal Poly, one of the top five American public universities in Civil Engineering and Architecture on the West Coast. In 2017, DTU partnered with Troy University and Keuka College in the USA to offer students On-Site Study-Abroad programs in four disciplines: Business Administration, IT, Hotel Management and Financial Management. Students can now receive advanced education and graduate with internationally accredited degrees, without having to leave Vietnam. This is one of the key strategies to enhance the quality of education at DTU to adapt to rapidly evolving social requirements.


Over the course of almost 26 years of operation and development, Duy Tan University students have achieved special academic accomplishments in their quest for knowledge and skill such as the 2013, 2016, and 2017 CDIO Cups; the Asia - Pacific IDEERS Championship in 2014, the First prizes in the 2016 and 2017 National Microsoft Imagine Cup etc...


In keeping the motto: "We Do Everything for Student Rights and Future Careers", together with the mission: "To focus on the education and research of various sciences and technologies in order to produce dynamic, creative, healthy graduates, who love their country, possess humanitarian Vietnamese values, a sense of community, self-confidence and a broad range of capabilities and skills, to become Citizens of the World", Hero of Labor, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, has inspired everyone at Duy Tan University to work harder for the development of the University in the near future.


Contact: HTi email: contact@dtu-hti.edu.vn

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